How to Secure Your Business’ Point of Sale System?

The point of sale system is susceptible to attacks by hackers and outside entities. The breach exposes customer data at all types of retail stores, fast food chains and hotels to criminals and third-party organizations. POS attacks have been around for a long time and there are some steps that can be taken to avoid them. The many things that threaten the POS system can be combatted by adopting a few precautionary measures for the company’s safety.

Use Apple Devices for POS

The recent attacks have all resulted because of malware applications being downloaded onto the system the POS was used on. This allowed hackers to upload applications for acquiring data to the system without the user’s knowledge. The second application was running in the background and carrying out the attack while the merchant was unaware. iOS is not susceptible to such attacks because it can only run one application at any given time. Therefore, using an Apple device for the POS system can safeguard your data.

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Get End-to-End Encryption

There are companies that offer software to keep the customer data safe through encryption. Billing information is encrypted as soon as it is received and then saved on the server. This means the data is secure even if there is malware present on the system.

Buy Antivirus for the POS System

The simple yet obvious solution to preventing hackers from accessing your system is to install protective software on the device. These tools can scan the system to detect any potential threats and remove them immediately. The software also alerts users of any problems before cleaning the area to remove malware.

Keep Systems Locked

Most of the time, the malware attack is an inside job or the result of human error. Employees may steal the POS system devices or leave them unlocked so they get stolen. If the device is stolen, whoever stole it can access the data and use it for nefarious purposes. To prevent this type of theft it is important to lock all devices in a security box or safe every day after closing the store. The device should be logged in and only a few employees should be given access to it.

Keep in Compliance with PCI

The compliance standards of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard will help your company keep inventory of all IT assets and detect any vulnerability.

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