Point of Sale System That Integrate With QuickBook

QuickBooks are a well known accounting and finance software. Since it is highly complex, the software can be quite daunting for small scale businesses. However QuickBooks has been mastered and many firms choose a software program that is compatible with QuickBooks. The following are the best point of sale system that integrates with QuickBooks.

  1. ShopKeep

Shopkeep is a simple point of sale system that is usually used by small scale businesses. It is not preferable for larger businesses as they have a limited inventory of only 10,000 items. Its price range of $69 per month is what makes small businesses take advantages of it.

  1. Vend

Vend was created in 2010, and has a very good inventory management system that has both in-store and online capabilities. Moreover it has a wide-ranging retail management system. Even with its comprehensive features vend is easy to use.

  1. ERPLY

ERPLY has a lot of diverse set of features that are intended to provide a widespread business solution. However while using ERPLY, one thing should be kept in mind and it is that you will only manage to send out invoices, invoice payments and the synchronized customers.

  1. SalesVu

SalesVu is seen as a mobile-friendly point of sale system with a lot of flexible features. The price of SalesVu starts off from $25 per month, however the additional features and services will be added according to the customers desires. Its assimilation with QuickBooks syncs product names, paid transactions, names of customers, contact information of all employees and all the information regarding the vendors.

  1. Talech

Talech is seen as a tough point of sale system that has great features such as advanced inventory, ability to integrate with all kinds of payment processors and in-house marketing. However the best feature about Talech is its price range, which starts from $44 per month.

  1. Kounta

Kounta is a point of sale system that is known to work with any kind of hardware. It has 3 different payment plans that range from $50 to $150 a month. Kounta is a great system especially if you own a restaurant or a hotel. Its integration with QuickBooks will allow you sync your contacts.

  1. Revel

Revel is another robust point of sale solution that has excellent features such as kitchen view, table listing and expedite view. Since revel is already partnered up with QuickBooks, all the data from bookkeeping, payroll information, purchase orders, sales etc are transferred into the QuickBooks accounts.

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